October 24, 2018 – NEW VIDEO: FREE AKTION – “Call for Love”


RARE WILD BLOSSOMS, the new FREE AKTION album, will be released by Half-Night Records on December 13, 2018. Preorder your limited edition object at https://freeaktion.com and https://half-night.com in November.

“CALL FOR LOVE” is inspired by Marianne Williamson’s book “A Return to Love”, which in turn is based around “A Course in Miracles”: “Anything that isn’t love is a call for love.” As is the case with all FREE AKTION songs, “CALL FOR LOVE” can be sung as though it is directed towards “society” or as an internal dialogue.

ABOUT THE VIDEO: Jo Kamimura is an Artist and Filmmaker of Japanese and Iraqi descent. His latest feature film, “News from Chula/Juana” is an ethnographic documentary focusing on the border relationship between Mexico and the United States using locally sourced news clippings. His current work examines the fine line between documentary and fiction, creating a uniquely hermetic cinematic experience.

Written, recorded and produced by Viktor Sjöberg.
Vocals and saxophones by Frida Thurfjell.
Acoustic piano by Dan Olsson.
Main drum programming by Oliver Larking.
Guitars by Taejon Romanik.


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Martin White, Sonores and the Internet.

About the video:

“The ‘Elsagate’ phenomenon emerged on YouTube in 2017. Click bait for small children, the videos received millions of views and generated significant advertising income. The videos were generated from popular search terms and as such, though they were based on algorithms, they were a product of our collective consciousness. YouTube has since removed many of the videos. As the phenomenon was underway, I copied as many of the videos as I could to create this music video.” – Martin White

About Martin White:

Australian born, Oslo based visual artist Martin White works at the intersection of documentary and speculation. Whilst he intends to unsettle systems beyond those of the art world, his conceptual motivations pivot on issues relating to social politics and cultural history. He completed his MFA at the Norwegian National Academy of Art in Oslo in 2017. He has previously directed theatre, film and television. White’s work has been shown at film and performance festivals internationally. Solo shows include ‘Dust Biter’ at Melk, Oslo in 2018. He has upcoming solo shows at Podium and Oslo Kunstforening, both in 2019.