Dan Olsson’s debut release The Creature from Outer Space is the soundtrack to an imaginary science fiction thriller. The album follows the movie chronologically, hence starting with the theme that would feature during the opening title sequence; consequently ending with the music in the movie’s last scene where the protagonist is compelled to act in a way that has highly existential implications in order to defeat the Creature.

The album can be said to be a product deriving from the exploration of two musical tools: the classic Yamaha DX-7 FM synthesizer as well as the much lesser known Dynacord Echocord Super S62 tape echo. It was namely during the beginning of the recording process that Dan, for the first time, found extensive use for these machines, whose individual qualities came to guide the album’s musical expression. The DX-7 preset sounds sounded dated and cliché to Dan and made him think of 1980’s soundtracks. On the other hand the Dynacord tape echo, whose tape loop is really worn out, made Dan want to pursue a lo-fi route throughout the recordings. These initial ideas and influences run like a red thread throughout the entire album.

The music is filled with various emotions and atmospheres, in particular dark and mysterious ones. Bottommost one could argue there is an interesting and perhaps somewhat ambiguous quality to the music because of the clash between naïve synth sounds and noisy music production. As such, The Creature from Outer Space is a fascinating musical journey through the psychological dimensions of a film that you will never see.

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