A Study of Musical Instruments

Album cover
  1. Part I
  2. Part II
Personnel and Equipment
Therese Frisk Electric Piano, Drums, Pedal Steel, Synth, Vibraphone, Percussion, Trumpet, Upright Bass, Tape Echo

All music com­posed and per­formed by Therese Frisk

Recorded and mixed by Jonas Odhner & Dan Olsson at Sonores Stu­dios.

Mastered by Dan Olsson & Jonas Odhner. Artwork by Therese Frisk.

A Study of Musical Instruments
Therese Frisk

A Study of Musical Instruments is a documentation of Therese Frisk’s first encounter with eight different instruments which results in two explorative compositions full of unexpected harmonic turns. The finished piece is a deeply intriguing listening experience where we are guided solely by Frisk’s delicate artistic intuition. Here follows Frisk’s own description of the project:

A Study of Musical Instruments is a project that consists of eight videos and sound recordings in which I make improvised music with instruments that I have never played before. Each video begins and ends in the same way, with the camera pointed at my black pants. I walk up to the instrument, play for 20 minutes and then walk back towards the camera.

The project is an exploration of ignorance. My aim is to create an orchestra that I don’t have any control over. Therefore, each instrument was recorded individually without me listening to the other recordings. It was important that I played and recorded the various instruments only once, in one continuous take. I didn’t want to create a beautiful piece of music but to find the genuineness when the hand, the eye and the brain are inexperienced.

A Study of Musical Instruments is an exploration of an instrument and myself.

—Therese Frisk, 2015