Album cover
  1. Hus
  2. Newton
  3. Gold
  4. Bull
  5. Cloud
  6. Foliage
  7. Dusk Over Marlboro Country
  8. Caputo
  9. On Out
Personnel and Equipment
Oliver Larking Korg MS20Mini, Korg MS10, Arturia MicroBrute, cassette recorder, field recordings, Moog the Rogue, electric guitar, Hammond L-100, Leslie 760, drum programming, Music Man 212 HD
Dan Olsson Logan String Melody II, Hammond L-100, Leslie 760, upright piano, Elektron Sid Station, field recordings, Korg MS10, drum programming, JMX ET 520, Fender Twin Reverb
Adrian Åsling Sellius Alto saxophone, B♭ clarinet, Bass clarinet

All music composed by Oliver Larking and Dan Olsson except Newton (composed by Oliver Larking, Dan Olsson and Adrian Åsling Sellius), Cloud (composed by Oliver Larking) and Caputo (composed by Oliver Larking and Adrian Åsling Sellius).

Recorded and mixed by Oliver Larking and Dan Olsson at Sonores Studios. Mastered by Dan Olsson. Cover design by Oliver Larking, Dan Olsson and Adrian Åsling Sellius. Photograph by Dan Olsson.

Chapel Productions

The trio Chapel Productions (Oliver Larking, Dan Olsson and Adrian Åsling Sellius) creates mysterious electroacoustic atmospheres colored by the broad nuances of improvisation. Blendung is a world of dream logic where noisy field recordings meet sounds reminiscent of musique concrète and free jazz. This makes for an abstract and unique listening experience. And somewhere deep in the shadows a deformed pop song is lurking.

Blendung was improvised in the studio, only a minimal amount of overdubs were made. The sounds on the album derive to a large extent from saxophone, clarinets, synthesizers, organ and, as mentioned above, field recordings.