Crystal Kids Club

Juan Les Pins, October 2017

When my friend Dominique first told me about crystal children, she described them as happy, delightful, and forgiving. Looking back, I had no idea what that meant, or that it would help me realize the possibility of a brighter future for mankind.¬†She described it as a new generation of children, different than those before them: “they are here to save us from our cynicism, fear, and despair. Their work is effortless, and they are working all over the world, crafting a collective consciousness of generosity and universal love.”

Similar to generations before them, the crystal kids create art that express their essence, but their expression isn’t an antagonizing revolt against their parents. It is honest and sensitive. At the forefront of the movement stands a young Swedish man named Oliver Larking. He writes music that elegantly draws its inspiration from spiritual free jazz and acid house; musical movements that aspired to express the universal love and transcendence that the crystal kids is the embodiment of. His music has accompanied their gatherings for years, and I am so happy that Oliver finally has decided to share it with the rest of the world. Enjoy!

In love and light,

Natalie Rieux

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