Astral Planes

Album cover
  1. Delta
  2. Summerlands
  3. Gamma
  4. The Stony Plane Pt. 1
  5. Mu
  6. Theta
  7. The Stony Plane Pt. 2
Personnel and Equipment

All tracks written and performed

by Oskar Karlström.


Oliver Larking - Lyrics and vocals on ’Delta’.

Adrian Åsling Sellius - Saxophone on ’Mu’.

Recorded at Mono Sounds Mk X, Gothenburg between December 2014 and February 2017 by Oskar Karlström.

Vocals on ’Delta’ recorded by Oliver Larking December 2016. Saxophone on ’Mu’ recorded at Hissing Brain Studio by Dan Olsson in December 2016.

Mixed and arranged by Oskar Karlström and Dan Olsson. Mastered by Oliver Larking.

Astral Planes
Oskar Karlström

The starting point for the project was Oskar experimenting with sinus tones and binaural beats. Most of the song titles are derived from different beat frequencies which correspond to the frequencies of brain wave activity in different stages of wakefulness. The original plan was to start at high frequency and decrease the intensity with every song. To make the album more balanced this idea was rejected, but the sinus tones and frequencies are still the fundamental base of the songs.

The second part of making the record consisted of implementing more vivid elements in the form of field recordings, analog synthesizers and processing with tape echoes and pitching with a cassette deck. A rather significant aspect of the composition is that the played instruments (e.g. synths, guitars, saxophone etc) are not bound to a key or fixed tempo but adapted to the field recordings and sinus tones, both in harmony and tempo, which gives the songs a free and natural flow.

’Astral Planes’ is Oskar Karlström’s debut as a solo artist. However, he is a member of Swedish shoegaze duo Bolywool, the trio Sonores and ambient dream pop duo Droyma.